Hotels, holiday cottages, campsites… Choose what best suits you from the wide range of cyclist-friendly accommodation available in Jaca for your stay in Jaca Pirineos Bikeland.


If you are looking for the comfort of a hotel but at the same time a safe place to keep your bike, take a look at the Bikefriendly hotels available around Jaca Pirineos Bikeland.


If you prefer the independence of a holiday cottage, you will find beautiful cottages in the surroundings of Jaca with safe spaces to store your bikes, washing area and workshop.


If you like the pilgrim atmosphere and meeting new people during your travels, choose one of the hostels available in Jaca and you are sure to find many other bikers to share experiences with.


Jaca has specific areas for motorhomes equipped with everything you need to spend the night during your visit to Jaca Pirineos Bikeland. You will be able to empty your water, fill your tanks and relax in one of the most peaceful places in the town.